visual stories

Imagery is powerful. Photographs support the reality of everyday experiences, allowing people to look through a window and access any place in the world. They can also understand a story better through visual aids. Photographs invite you to see what others see – and the way they see it. They invite the viewer to understand a story on a deeper level. Photographs are a fantastic way to increase global knowledge, and maybe encourage more people to experience a new adventure. Let this visual story take you on a journey through history, culture, people and food.

photo journals

Published here is a collection of photo journals, beginning with Ghana. Ghana is a vibrant place but so many people will never even think to experience it. If you think you want to explore Ghana, check out Afia Tours for amazing, well-organised tour packages. You can also read about our contributor Steph’s first experience of Ghana in 2015 here. Upcoming photo journals include stories from Rwanda, Japan, South-East Asia, and London.

Ghana, An Introduction